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About Me:

The Liquor Coach - Liquor Compliance Consultant Craig Hedge is passionate about guiding, helping and supporting small business owners and liquor licensees in their businesses. Craig is independent and professional, strictly confidential, and genuinely interested in helping you to;

"See the opportunities. Embrace the changes. Raise the standard".

He knows that understanding your compliance responsibilities and making connections to how you can improve your service delivery can keep you ahead of the curve and in a position of power and control in your business.

Craig invites you to look at your business and your life from a different perspective. He encourages you to engage in the compliance process and to start educating yourself.

The hospitality industry, compliance procedures, community expectations, and the widespread use of social media nowadays means the landscape is changing and moving forward at a rapid rate.

There are new challenges and possibilities that come with these changes. Are you ready and prepared for them?

Craig specialises in the areas of:

  • Liquor Compliance Advice and Assessment.
  • RSA Guidance and Instruction.
  • Preparation of Liquor Licence Applications.
  • Providing Tools and Programs.
  • Connecting You to/with the Right People and Information.
  • Education and awareness.
  • One on One Coaching.
  • Group Coaching.
  • Workshops and Presentations.

Craig acknowledges the power of working with people.  He knows the importance and the value of developing strong and trusting relationships in life and business.

Craig is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). Prior to his coaching studies, he attained an Associate Diploma of Social Science in Community Services.

His study background, both formal and personal, has been focused on working with and for people and further developing his own understandings, and his personal, spiritual and professional development.

Prior to offering his services as a Liquor Compliance Consultant, Craig was employed by the Department of Treasury and Finance in Tasmania Australia for 10 years (2004-2014, then again for a 4 month contract in 2017) in the Liquor and Gaming Branch in the Operations and Compliance teams.

His focus on building stronger stakeholder relationships, providing information with education, and his passion for adding value and seeing people prosper and succeed in their businesses, was acknowledged and respected in the department and the wider industry. His philosophy is to keep adding value, to constantly improve service delivery, and to always look towards building stronger relationships and a stronger community

Craig keeps fit and healthy with regular workout sessions, cycling, walking, and lives and advocates developing and creating a lifestyle and a work life balance that is aligned to your personal values - that is, living a life that works for you.

His life long passion is fishing. He loves spending time in and around coastal and natural environments, and can often be found fishing a coastline or wandering and exploring a beach, or pottering around a garden....somewhere.

Craig is currently living his life and the values he often writes and speaks about. In  2015 he travelled his way throughout the UK backpacking and volunteering, and is now back in Hobart and ready to help you in your life and business.

Would you like to arrange a liquor compliance or licence consultation? If so please go to the contact me tab on the Home Page menu and leave a message for a response generally within 24 hours.


"See the opportunities. Embrace the changes. Raise the standard".

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Craig Hedge
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