My Philosophy

My Philosophy

When it comes to working with licensees and people in the liquor industry, I take what could be seen or defined as a holistic and pragmatic approach.

What that means is that I see the bigger picture and look for constant improvement in systems and in people. This has always been my approach as I believe that people working together will achieve much more than people working against each other.

As I often say; "See the opportunities. Embrace the changes. Raise the standard." The responsibility for sales and service of liquor is shared by all. This includes the licensees, the customer, the regulatory and enforcement bodies, and the wider industry and community.

However this does not mean that the ultimate responsibility is not with the licensee. Regardless of the very real challenges for licensees at times, a liquor licence is issued with clear regulations and legislation attached. Some licensees struggle with these expectations and their personal ideology that personal responsibility should be the order of the day. It is this attitude (whether you or I agree with it or not ...) that will not help your business, the industry, or the wider community.

To put it simply, it is in your businesses best interests to do the right thing. If you struggle with this I can help.

As someone who has worked in regulation and enforcement in the liquor industry for over 10 years, I have the experience, the skills and knowledge to help you.

As an accredited and credentialed coach (I am also a Life Transformation Coach - you can visit my website here: I also have an awareness and appreciation of peoples talents and the areas they may need to further develop and become aware of. That is the added value I bring to your business, as I help you make some necessary connections in both your business and in your life - if we choose to do that.

Sometimes the industry and regulatory bodies do not help licensees, with a failure to communicate adequately and effectively. When you add the global trend to reduce resources and workers, and to multi skill and automate processes, it means that the days of quality personal communication are numbered - or at least heavily reduced. This adds further risk to your business in a compliance sense.

I can bridge that gap and make sure you are operating on a level at or above the industry standard in a compliance sense.  This has many benefits beyond effectively complying to the various regulatory and enforcement bodies.

Its my job to ask the right questions, the challenging questions to invite you to change your current way of thinking and operating your business - if things are not working for you. Regardless of how competent and experienced you may be in your business - you have blind spots, you probably have values, opinions and beliefs you don't fully acknowledge or appreciate. These might be hurting your business. They might be having a negative impact on your staff. They might even be causing you unnecessary bother with regulatory bodies. I can help you with this.

I work from a position of strength - I acknowledge you have the resources and inner knowings to come to your own conclusions. This is not a token approach - everyone has strengths, talents and their own natural abilities and inclinations. Together we not only uncover those, we discover and further develop the person you are and as a result, that flows into your business.

Importantly, my philosophy, my approaches, and the tools I use go beyond any explanation of what it is I do and what we do together. Together we work as a team. The intention is to equip you with additional skills, awareness and confidence to responsibly manage the sale and service of liquor. It is also to help you further understand the landscape and to demystify perhaps some of your understandings or misunderstandings about compliance.

My philosophy is strongly aligned to empowerment of the licensee/business owner. This is a natural by-product of working with me. Sometimes the best results are not measured, and the best of outcomes unseen. As a Liquor Compliance Coach and Consultant I trust the process of working together and the impact it can have above and beyond what may be aimed for or intended.

My philosophy in conclusion is pretty simple. I want to help you to become better at what you do and for you to be more responsible and aware of how you do it. I also want to see you batting above the average in a compliance sense and standing out in your chosen business. This benefits you, your business, and the Tasmanian community.

"See the opportunities. Embrace the changes. Raise the standard."

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