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icon_addWhat is coaching and how does it fit into what I do as a Liquor Compliance Consultant?

The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as, "partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential". I would add that it is a cocreative process, a feeling as well as a thinking or thought provoking process.

Good coaches are trained to listen, to observe, ask thought-provoking and challenging questions, provide honest feedback and from there to customize their approach to their clients specific needs. Very good coaches take that process further with their passion and intent to further identify what I call those necessary connections in life to help clients become aware of, then transform (change and move beyond) their lives with that awareness.

For example, my model and approach is to help you identify those boxes, trains of thought, paradigms - whatever way you would like to define them, to help you at the very least to become aware of how they impact your life - both positively and negatively. In a business sense this can be incredibly valuable as sometimes you just don't know what you don't know. And sometimes its you who gets in the way of you!

Building rapport and establishing trust is of paramount importance to me. Coaching is a partnership. I understand the importance of cocreation (us working together on an equal footing) and collaboration in the coaching relationship.

I work with you to assist you to get the best out of yourself and your business responsibilities with compliance and liquor sales and service. I do this by supporting, challenging, and creating an environment where you can  share your thoughts in a safe, non judgemental and strictly confidential place.

This process is incredibly life affirming and powerful.  This guidance and process enables you, the business owner, to move towards a better understanding of yourself and the impacts of (and on) your business.  As a result you will develop more awareness, identify further options in your business (and your life), think about some things differently, and perhaps try out some new skills and approaches in your business.

We can work together and help you identify/become aware of those blind spots, beliefs and values that may be holding you and your business back from its potential and progressive improvement. 

icon_addHow is coaching different from consulting - and why do I use both approaches?

Professional coaching is a distinct service focusing on the client. The client is regarded as creative, resourceful and whole. A coach may work with clients to determine goals, create outcomes and manage personal change while keeping the client accountable to his/her own vision.

Consultants are retained to access specialized expertise. The assumption is that a consultant diagnoses problems, tells the client what to do and how to do it and may implement solutions. Coaching works from the belief and knowing that the client is already functional and in fact capable of accessing their own inner abilities and talents to transform their lives.  In other words coaching is interested in transforming functional people to exceptional people. So in a nutshell, consulting then is about advising people.

When you bring both coaching and consulting together you create more opportunities for learning and getting better outcomes.

icon_addHow is coaching different from mentoring for example, and how do I see this as a Liquor Compliance Consultant?

A mentor is a guide, a teacher, a guru, a trusted confidante perhaps who directs and teaches you and provides you with the information you seek or are required to have. The mentor is seen as the expert, the holder of knowledge so to speak. The relationship is again different to that of the consultant mentioned earlier. The coach sees you as the expert, you as the resourceful person and sees you as your source of wisdom and information.

As a Compliance Consultant I operate from my 10 years experience working in the industry and access that experience and knowledge to help you. As a mentor, I provide you with the appropriate knowledge and information...however there is always the acknowledgement that you are the expert in your own business.

icon_addHow do you determine if liquor coaching is the right approach for you?

Coaching is an effective way to jump-start your personal and your professional development. Being open to the learning process is the first step. There is no time like the present to receive professional assistance to enhance your own performance. Whether it's adapting to industry change, or addressing staff performance challenges, my approach is to focus on you, your staff, and your business. Importantly I do it in a friendly and a supportive way.

This experience leads to a more positive and clearer sense of direction and appreciation of your challenges and opportunities. You will achieve a greater awareness and appreciation of those areas you need to further develop and manage, and those areas you have improved and transformed.

icon_addAre you prepared and ready to start working together?

Our working partnership requires a commitment to the process. You will need to invest your time into this experience, and have a genuine willingness to work with me.  Be prepared to challenge your preconceived ideas about yourself and your business - and be open to change. I recommend clients at times to suspend their disbelief - even momentarily. When it comes to moving through those sticking points or areas they are not yet fully appreciative of or aware of that may be holding them back in life and business, its incredibly important to be open to identifying those things.

icon_addHow many sessions do you need?

This service is about you - not about me.  Some people have 1 session and find that is adequate for them. If further sessions are required these are easily arranged. On site person to person meetings (depending on location as although I am based in Tasmania Australia I work globally) usually occur initially, however many of my clients prefer talking via skype and or email following the initial face to face meeting.

I also have a number of other options for my clients to ensure they can get the very best value and service to suit their needs and circumstances.

I am here as your liquor coach consultant and resource. I take that role and responsibility very seriously. I genuinely take an interest in your further development both during and beyond our time together.

I provide this service by choice and passion. I love to help others help themselves, to improve their businesses, and to strengthen the community.

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